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PhD in Management of innovation, Imperial College Business School, London, UK.

Doctorate in Policy and Institutions, Paris IV Sorbonne University, France.  

HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches) in management, Paris Dauphine University, France.


Innovation and strategy.

Institutional theory. 

Nanotechnologies. Emerging risks. Eco-design and sustainable development.


2012 –

SERENADE LABEX. Safer Ecodesign Research and Education applied to NAnomaterial Development. Large-scale project funded by the French National Research Council (ANR). In charge of PRA1 and PEI2.


Principal Investigator of a research project on market structuration and firm strategies in nanotechnologies. HEC-ESCPEurope-NOVANCIA-ESIEE Research Chair in innovation and entrepreneurship.

2009 -

Relations between innovation, institutional change and entrepreneurial dynamics in nanotechnologies.  Novancia Business School, Paris.

2003- 2009     

Co-emergence of new industries and institutional practices. Sustainable development. Institutional and industrial emergence of nanotechnologies. Imperial College Business School, London and SciencesPo Chair of Environment, Sustainable development and risk, Paris.


Civil society, institutional and technological innovation. CBEN (Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology), Rice University, USA.   


Role of NGOs in the institutionalization of large multilateral organizations. Research in collaboration with key representatives of the international organization of the Commonwealth including its Secretary General, Paris University and London University, CPSU (Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit).


Globalization, new technologies and societal change.



Master of Entrepreneurship, Novancia (formerly Advancia), Paris. Courses taught: ‘Innovation and environmental strategies’, ‘Strategy analysis’, ‘Change management’, ‘Business models’, ‘Ecodesign and ecopreneurship’.

2006- 2009     

Master of International Affairs - Environment, Sustainable Development, Risk, Sciences Po, Paris. Courses on 'Science, expertise and regulation'.


MBA modules ‘Public and Non-profit Financial and Strategic Management’ and ‘Risk Group and Entrepreneurship’. Courses on NGOS and sustainable development and on nanotechnology entrepreneurship, Rice University, Jones Graduate Business School, Houston, USA.

Seminars on the Commonwealth, multilateral organizations and civil society, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London University, and Commonwealth        studies department, Paris-Sorbonne University, France.

1989- 2000

Lecturer in the French Grandes Ecoles system: Business English, CPGE Daniélou, France.


Founder and coordinator of the LABEX research chair on Nanotechnologies, Ecodesign, Innovation and Strategy (NEIS), ANR, French National Research Agency

Partner of the SERENADE LABEX (Laboratoire d’Excellence): Safer Ecodesign Research and Education applied to NAnomaterial Development. Large-scale project funded by the French National Research Council (ANR) since 2012.

Director of Research, Paris-Dauphine Doctoral School of Management (ED 543), DRM-MLab Research Center (DRM -UMR 7088) since 2012. Paris Dauphine is part of PSL University, one of the leading French universities. 

Track chair, European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014.     

Committee member of ANR research programs (French National Research Council): SYSTERRA (Ecosystèmes, territoires, ressources vivantes et agricultures), ECOTECH (Production durable et technologies de l’environnement) and ECO-TS (EcoTechnologies et EcoServices) since 2008.

Associate researcher, CEINT (Center for the Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology),  Duke University, USA. 

Member of the database of risk assessment experts, European Commission, Health and Consumers Directorate-General, 2009.

Organisation of the Workshop 'Generating a frame for nanoproducts and building trust', VivAgora, Paris, September 2008.

EURAM (European Academy of Management) track chair, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Collaboration with the NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) on the program 'Emerging Industries: Nanotechnology and Nano-indicators', 2008, USA.

Participating member, Cycle Nanomonde, 'Nanomonde: quels choix technologiques pour quelle société?', Cité Universitaire Internationale, Paris, 2006. 

Member of the economics group and steering group of the second and third Global Forums for sustainable development, French Senate, Paris, November 2004 and December 2005.

Consulting activities with the international organization of the Commonwealth (2002-2004)           

Member of the editorial boards of International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business (Inderscience Publishers), The Round Table (Routledge), Society and Business Review (Emerald), the Scandinavian Journal of Management (Elsevier).

Reviewer for two AOM (Academy of Management) sections: BPS (Business Policy and Strategy) and TIM (Technology and Innovation Management).



Nanotechnology and Sustainable Development, Routledge Studies in Technology, Work and Organizations, New York, Routledge, 2011

Les ONG du Commonwealth contemporain: rôles, bilans et perspectives (Foreword by Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon), Paris, L’Harmattan, 2003.

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

 The challenges of nanotechnology policy-making.  Part 2: Discussing voluntary frameworks and options', Global Policy, 4(1):101-107

‘Les défis de l'entrepreneuriat high-tech: Mieux comprendre les nouvelles opportunités liées aux nanotechnologies’ with A. Delemarle. Entreprendre et innover, 4(16): 64-77. 2013.

‘Current regulatory limitations for the development of products containing nanomaterials with a life cycle perspective’ with Delemarle, A. Mineralogical Magazine, 76(76): 1440. 2012. 

‘The challenges of nanotechnology policy making PART 1. Discussing mandatory frameworks’, Global Policy, 3(4): 492-500. 2012.

‘Radical innovation and policy-making: Nanotechnology public R&D funding in the US and the EU’, International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development, 4 (3/4): 281 – 292. 2012. DOI: 10.1504/IJIRD.2012.047562

Book review: Entrepreneurs and Democracy, Scandinavian Journal of Management, 25 (3): 346-347. 2009. DOI:10.1016/j.scaman.2009.04.001.

‘New dynamics in risk management: a case analysis of the emergence of nanotechnologies’, Vie et Sciences Economiques, 179-180:62-75. 2008. ISSN : 0336 142 X

‘Toward an integrated theory of entrepreneurial cognition: Exploring the interplay of entrepreneurship and institutional entrepreneurship’, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 9(3): 308-323. 2010. ISSN 1476-1297. Paper listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for ERPN Entrepreneurship & the Social Sciences in February 2010.

‘Do NGOs influence entrepreneurship? Insights from the developments of biotechnologies and nanotechnologies’, Society and Business Review, 1(3): 266-279. 2006. DOI : 10.1108/17465680610706337

Book review. Dimensions of Change: Conceptualising Reality in Organisational Research. Scandinavian Journal of Management, 22(4): 356-357. 2006. DOI:10.1016/j.scaman.2006.06.001

‘Redefining the Comparative Advantage of the Commonwealth as a Conditional Organisation’, The Round Table, the Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs, Vol 96, Issue 388, 51-56, February 2007, DOI: 10.1080/00358530601168200

‘Vers une nouvelle forme de gouvernance mondiale ? Les organisations conditionnelles’,  Passages, Vol 138-139. Septembre/Octobre 2004.  

‘Nanotechnologie et développement durable, l’Europe et les Etats-Unis’, Actes du Deuxième Forum Mondial du Développement Durable, Sénat, Palais du Luxembourg, Paris, France, 12-14 Novembre 2004. 

‘NGOs, the Commonwealth and the Francophonie’, The Round Table, the Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs, Vol 92, Issue 368, 53-66, January 2003, DOI: 10.1080/750456737

Articles in blogs and electronic peer-reviewed publications

‘La déconstruction : une recette pour innover’Le Business Development dans     tous ses états, Blog expertise de Novancia Business School Paris – 15 10 13.

‘Du design à l’écoconception’Le Business Development dans     tous ses états, Blog expertise de Novancia Business School Paris - 30 04 13.

‘Nanotechnology and the emergence of a new form of international governance’, TV DMA (1st French web TV on law and business administration), April 2011.

'Undone science: Creative destruction and new market paths.' TV DMA webcast. Mars 2011. 

‘Nanotechnologies pour la sécurité intérieure et la défense nationale’, 8ème chronique Nanos&Nous, janvier 2010, available online at


‘Generating a frame for nanoproducts and building trust’, VivAgora, Gouvernance partagée, Septembre 2008, available online at

‘Quelles structures et soutiens financiers du débat sur les nanotechnologies en Grande-Bretagne ?’ Vivagora, Pratiques de la concertation, septembre 2007, available online at 

‘Nanotechnologies, entrepreneuriat et développement durable : vers un remodelage de la démocratie technique ?’ Vivant Info, 2:   janvier 2007, available online at 

‘La sagesse populaire : vers une ouverture des conseils d’experts’ Vivagoveille, 2, 05 01 2007, available online at 

Book Chapters

‘From technological innovation to innovation in management practices: the case of Episkin®’. In H. Hulford (Ed.) Case Studies in Innovation for Researchers, Teachers and Students. API. ISBN: 978-1-908272-37-9

‘Nanotechnologies, sustainable development and international governance.’ In P. Herrmann (Ed.) Democracy in Theory and Action: 141-60. 2011, Nova Science Pub Inc. ISBN: 1611228026

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Hocmard, Gerard et al., What’s what :Dictionnaire culturel du monde anglophone. 2004. Paris, Ellipses. 720 p.  ISBN: 2-7298-0883-3

Conference presentations

‘Nanotechnologies and Eco-Innovation: Creating a Regulatory Framework for Sustainable Markets’, with A. Delemarle, Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, September 2012, Portugal.

Accepted. ‘Technological innovation and institutional innovation: Episkin® and the phasing out of animal testing in cosmetics’, International Conference on Intellectual and Institutional Innovation in Science, Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, September 2012, Berlin, Germany.

‘Current regulatory limitations for the development of products containing nanomaterials with a life cycle perspective’, with A. Delemarle. Goldschmidt 2012 conference, June 2012, Montreal, Canada.

‘Des biotechnologies aux nanotechnologies : entrepreneuriat, entrepreneuriat institutionnel et risque d’échec’, Congrès de l’Académie de L’Entrepreneuriat et de l’Innovation. Novancia Business School, September 2011, Paris, France.

‘From technological innovation to innovation in management practices: the case of Episkin®’, European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2011, Aberdeen, UK.


‘Introduction on definitions, connection with REACH and other legal/regulatory aspects’, Risk perception of nano-materials and early warning systems, International NanoLINEN workshop, May 2011, Berlin, Germany.

Gordon Research Conference on Science and Technology Policy, ‘Partnerships in S&T Policy Research’, August 2010, Waterville Valley Resort in Waterville Valley, NH, USA.

‘The new laws of technological innovation: Looking at the case of nano-entrepreneurship and policy-making’, European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ECIE 2010), September 2010, Athens, Greece.

‘Nanotechnology regulation update’ Minatec Crossroads 2010, FORUM MTI (Management, Technology, Innovation), June 2010, Grenoble, France.

‘The co-industrial and institutional emergence of nanotechnologies as a demonstrative case of a new form of institutional emergence’, CEINT seminar series guest speaker, Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnologies, March 2009, Duke University, USA.

‘Nanotechnology and NanoIndicators, Societal issues’, with Lynne Zucker and Mark Wiesner, Emerging industries conference, NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research), May 2008, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

‘Innovation and technical democracy: an exploration of public engagement and nanotechnology risk management’. Conference on 'Managing Diversity – European Destiny and Hope’, EURAM (European Academy of Management), May 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

‘Risk management and institutional emergence in nanotechnologies: looking at public engagement experience’, with Mark Wiesner. Nanotechnology and Occupational Health and Safety Conference, CNS-UCSB Center for Nanotechnology in Society, November 2007, Santa Barbara, USA.

‘Learning from each other: a survey of the entrepreneurship and institutional entrepreneurship literatures’, Congrès du CERVEPAS (centre d’études et de recherches sur la vie économique des pays anglo-saxons), Paris and Charles P. Skene Centre for Entrepreneurship - ‘Perspectives on Entrepreneurship: 

Cultures and Contexts?’ 13-15 Septembre 2007, Aberdeen, UK.

‘Nanotechnologies and new dynamics in risk management: looking at institutional emergence and public engagement experiments’, Cambridge Conference on Regulation, Inspection & Improvement, September 2007, Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge, UK. 

‘Innovative practices and the emergence of new institutions: Looking at nanotechnology and the ETC Group’, EGOS conference (European Group for Organizational Studies), July 2007, Vienna, Austria.

‘Nanomonde : quels choix technologiques pour quelle société ?’ Cycle Nanomonde, March 2006, Cité Universitaire Internationale, Paris, France.

‘Nanotechnology development and nanotechnology regulation’, with Conrad Masterson, Risk Group, Technology Entrepreneurship, Jones Graduate Business School, Rice University, September 2005, Houston, Texas, USA.

‘Nanotechnology and Entrepreneurship, Elements of the US/EU Debate’, Seminar series on “Issues in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management”. September 2005,Tanaka Business School, Imperial College London, UK.

‘Deepening of the Commonwealth and membership issues of Commonwealth NGOs’. The future of the modern Commonwealth: Widening vs. deepening? Pre-CHOGM seminar (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting), Institute of Commonwealth Studies, October 2005, London, UK.

‘Développement des nanotechnologies en Europe et aux Etats-Unis’. Deuxième Forum Mondial du Développement Durable, Session 6, Europe : agir ou subir, Sénat, Palais du Luxembourg, 2004, Paris, France.

‘France, Britain and Big international organisations: the cases of the Francophonie and the Commonwealth’, September 2003, University Paris 13, France.

‘Comparing the roles of NGOs in the Commonwealth and the Francophonie’.  March  2003, Bristol University, UK.

‘What has become of the British Model in Today’s Commonwealth?’ ESSE Conference, European Society for the Study of English, September 2002, Strasbourg, France.

‘Civil Society after Coolum, a Mapping of Commonwealth NGOs’. With  Amanda Shah, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, June 2002, London, UK.

‘Politique étrangère britannique et Commonwealth : du lien impérial au lien contemporain par la reconnaissance des ONG et de la société civile ?’ 42nd SAES conference, May 2002, Metz, France.

‘A French View of Commonwealth NGOs’ Role in the Commonwealth’. Institute of Commonwealth Studies, January 2002, London, UK.

‘Discours gouvernemental et action des Organisations Non Gouvernementales (ONG) au sein des pays du Commonwealth : vers un nouveau contrat social’. University Stendhal, November, 2001, Grenoble, France.

Working papers and others…

‘Nanotechnology, sustainable development and international governance’, Franco-Chinese research seminar ‘Economics, Management and Sustainable Development: some international perspectives’, Advancia, May 2011.

Writing of a business case in collaboration with L’Oréal : ‘L’Oreal: science, innovation and… sustainable development’, with Paul Lapoule, CCMP, Case and Teaching note. Case Number: G1708. 2011.


Préparation de projet collaboratif de recherche pour l’appel d’offre de la NSF (National Science Foundation) SciSIP, 2008.


Préparation de projet collaboratif de recherche pour l’appel d’offre NSF (National Science Foundation) / EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) CEIN, 2007.


Outcomes and Issues arising from the conference: Converging Technologies - a Vision for Europe, Recommendations for Strategic Actions in FP6 and FP7. 20th January 2005. The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, London. Document interne à l’intention du Centre Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Tanaka Business School, Imperial College.

‘Analysis of NGO activity in the field of nanotechnology'. 2004. (avec S. Currall et M. Wiesner, Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA). Projet de recherche coordonné par Harvard/UCLA Center for Nanotechnology Proposal pour l’appel d’offre de la NSF (National Science Foundation).

'Non Profit Organizations and License to Operate Issues in Nanotechnology Applications’. Projet de recherche pour le Centre CBEN (Center for Biotechnological and Environmental Nanotechnology) de Rice University, Houston, Texas. 2004.


‘Sustainability and Society’ projet de préparation d’une conférence internationale sur la société et le développement durable pour le Centre EESI (Environmental and Energy Systems Institute) à Rice University, Houston, TX. 2004.


Sans titre. 3 documents de préparation de réunions internes de l’organisation internationale du Commonwealth. Analyses portant sur les ONG du Commonwealth, sur la place de la société civile dans le Commonwealth, et sur la Fondation du Commonwealth. (2000 - 2004)